The simple truth about your lawn is that whatever you put into it, you get out of it.  Whatever time or money you spend on your lawn, your efforts will have a visible and valuable result.  Ask any real estate agent how much it is easier to sell a home with curb appeal of a well-kept lawn.  Realtors believe that you could add 5 to 15 percent to your home's value.  We recommend the following program that is cost effective and yields great results.

Steps to take in Spring:

  1. Rake and remove debris; ​Basic winter cleanup.
  2. Aerate: Removing thatch could be necessary to save your grass from suffocation.  This is a process to poke holes into the grass so that air and water could enter the soil. Aerating also helps from compaction, especially in high traffic areas. 
  3. Mow: ​Weekly mowing at proper height is highly recommended to reduce the chance of burning your lawn while keeping your yard looking great.  To achieve the meticulous look we sharpen our blades regularly and adjust the height at which we mow based on your specific conditions.  We also use a mulching kit to use grass clippings to feed the grass their nutrients every time. 
  4. Trim and Edge: ​To get that perfectly manicured lawn, you need to edge a straight line of grass where your lawn meets the driveway.  Trimming cuts that pesky grass that grows near the garage or fence.  You need the right tools for the job.
  5. Clean Up: ​To finish your manicured lawn, brush off remaining grass from driveway, walkways, or patios.  We use powerful lawn blowers to cleanup your property after we mow.  We do not blow your clippings into the street.  Instead, we put them back onto your lawn.  These are nitrogen-rich clippings feed your lawn and we reduce the nasty looks from your neighbors.

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benefits of Mulching:

  • Control weeds: The mulch limits sunlight that weeds need for growth.
  • Retains Moisture: Mulch absorbs water.  Save of water bills during hot Summer months.
  • Prevents soil erosion: Mulch breaks up the rainfall, which reduces the force from rain to wash away your soil.
  • Controls pests: Cedar bark has natural oils that insects do not like.  Get very scented mulch for best results.